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Software Architect

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Our architect, representing Solvaĵo, has been leading a wide range of projects which has resulted in an builtup of an extensive background in Real-time distributed industrial strength software systems. Recently, we has been working on the following projects:
  • During his Ph.D. he has developed an automatically optimizing and distributing compiler for Macq Electronique, a Belgian leader in industrial automatization.
    More information here, publications [1], [2], [3], [4], [5])
  • As a consultant, he has designed and helped develop Bombardier Transportation's Passenger Information System (PIS) solution, which is now running in over 10 railway projects (amongst which Sprinter Lighttrain, London Underground, Toronto Rocket, and Chicago Transit Authority)
  • For the adaptation of the PIS for the Chicago and Toronto Project, he moved to Bombardier Transportation's headquarters in Montréal, Canada. During his almost 3 year stay, he was (besides adapting the PIS software for project specific needs) in charge of the development of all comfort related embedded software functionality on the Toronto Rocket project.
  • In this last position, he was involved in Bombardier's software outsourcing effort in India for the development of onboard software. Seeing the difficulties involved in achieving success, he has recently decided to move to Hyderabad, India. In this role, he will be interfacing with Bombardier's teams in Europe and North America and provide technical lead in the local software development effort.

Technical Skills

Target Platforms Linux 2.4/2.6/3.0/3.2 (Intel/PPC/Arm), Windows XP/Vista/7 (Intel), µC-Linux (Coldfire), µCOSII (µC552)
Languages C/C++ (GCC/MS), (WCF/WPF), Java 2 (SE/EE), Perl, Bash, VB, Assembler (Intel/µC552), WSDL (SOAP/XML/XSD)
Distributed systems WCF, CORBA, RMI, RPC, MPI, IPTCom (UDP), TCP/IP
Development tools Visual Studio, Eclipse (Eclipse Plugins,GEF), QT
Versioning tools TFS, ClearCase, SVN, CVS
Modeling languages UML (Use Cases/Class Diagrams/Sequence Diagrams) in Rational Rose and Enterprise Architect
Compilation tools Lex, Yacc


A detailed curiculum Vitae can be found here.

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